Hi, dear reader! Let me tell you what my Erasmus in Edirne will be about ! This Erasmus essay will be about brave students who take the opportunity to come to Turkey in this amazing programme.The Erasmus programme show me that everything is possible if you’re in the right place like Edirne. I learned to be more self-confident, excited that every single day will bring me nice experiences and possibilities. I was coming to Edirne, with an intention to enjoy every single day and desire to gain such a nice experience like never before.First time, the Erasmus team welcomed me with a great smile on and helped me through everything I needed.I didn’t mention that before coming i have been introduced to my buddy,who was really nice and helpful and  I knew that i will have so much fun with the Erasmus team.

In the first days, I visited several beautiful buildings, the masterpiece Selimiye Cami Mosque, Old Mosque, Ali Pasha Bazaar , Karaağaç, medical museum, Trakya University and its pleasant garden, Sultan Beyazit || Mosque and the main streets of Edirne, full of life, with a lot of great place to just sit back in a coffee, relax with a tea or maybe some Turkish delights. I highly recommend students to make their best Erasmus in Edirne who’s such an off the beaten path type of town and very worth visiting. It was a lot of social events such as: english workshop, riddle Game, Chill’ness, White up, Kakava festival, Dinner , crossing the border to Greek and have a nice time with new friends and the best parties, all organized by the ESN Edirne.Doing activities with ESN team i was never bored. Physiotherapy colleges were so nice and helpful and the  teachers  full of wisdom and knowledge. 
Esn team was really welcoming and after 2 months, i considered Edirne my second home! In the end i want to thank my parents for making all possible, my intercultural friends for making those months the best ones . had everything: traveling, physical therapy practice and a group of amazing friends. In the near future i imagine myself telling endless stories to my family and friends who i probably made sick of hearing me telling my Edirne stories over and over again .This Erasmus period of time will forever be a special one for me! Untill next time...

Uila GIULI (Erasmus Student from Romania )